Nicolina’s Wishes receives $85,000 grant to help address local mental health issues

Beaver County Times ― A local nonprofit focused on mental health support has received a large grant to continue helping those in need throughout Beaver County.

Officials from Nicolina’s Wishes announced they received a $87,000 grant from the Pittsburgh-based Staunton Farm Foundation to strengthen local support systems for mental health issues. According to staff, the funds will help the organization’s current support operations, improve local outreach efforts and allow their team to hire a “parent-peer specialist.”

“We express our sincere appreciation to the Staunton Farm Foundation for their generous grant,” said Patricia Hodovanich, co-founder of Nicolina’s Wishes. “We strongly believe that this grant will enable our organization to enhance our services and support for youths and families affected by mental illness in Beaver County, commemorating Nicolina’s short life. It is a reminder of the many individuals, like Nicolina, who confront mental health challenges within our communities.”


Nicolina Hodovanich of Aliquippa inspired the Nicolina’s Wishes nonprofit helping families affected by mental health challenges.

Offering mental health support services and advocating for suicide prevention, Nicolina’s Wishes was created after 17-year-old Nicolina Hodovanich took her life in 2019. To honor the memory of the Central Valley students’ kindness and generosity, the nonprofit was created to help others dealing with mental health issues in Beaver County by providing necessary resources to the community.

Nicolina’s Wishes also received a grant from the Staunton Farm Foundation for $25,000 in February 2021. Since this initial grant, the resources available from the nonprofit have been expanded, and leaders have made several connections with other local support groups.

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