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Cultivating Substance Use Disorder Counselors of Tomorrow

Substance abuse disorder is at an all-time high on college campuses. Pennsylvania is among the 10 states with the largest number of overdose rates and 37% of college students admit to regularly using an illegal drug or abusing alcohol. With as many as 19.3 million Americans aged 18 or older abusing substances and overdose deaths increasing, the devastating loss of life calls for action and demonstrates the growing need for qualified counselors in the workforce.

With support from Staunton Farm Foundation, Waynesburg University aspires to increase the number of qualified SUD counselors to meet the rising needs of our communities. The project will improve the efficacy of evidence-based practices, support professional development of the SUD counseling workforce while offering community outreach, harm reduction and overdose prevention efforts.

The project has the potential to change the way college students are treated for substance abuse by adding trained addiction counselors to the workforce.

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