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Staunton Farm Foundation, through collaboration, innovation and advocacy, is investing in a future where behavioral health is understood, supported, and accepted. Since the Foundation’s establishment in 1937, we continue to advance this mission; join us to spread the word of good work in our community.

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  • Observer-Reporter – One of the newest members of the Greene County Juvenile Court staff is a furry, four-legged assistant that happily greets every person walking into the historic courtroom. Coalbie, an affable, affectionate, 17-month-old beagle mix who was adopted from the Greene County Huma

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  • Children, teachers, and staff spend a significant amount of time in their school buildings – 1,000 hours a year, actually. While school is a place of learning and growth, it can also be an opportunity to foster positive mental health habits....

  • Knowing that trauma creates a barrier to the development of Pittsburgh’s Black communities, Neighborhood Resilience Project believes Trauma Informed Community Development framework can establish and promote resilient, healing, and healthy communities so that people can be healthy enough to sustain opportunity and realize their potential.......

Staunton Farm Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation16 hours ago
There’s a new app that can detect a decrease in your mental health just by hearing your voice. Dr. Lindsey Venesky from the Cognitive Behavior Institute has been testing the Sonde Health App that can detect biometric change in your voice. It’s no replacement for therapy, but it’s a useful tool for those who are unsure if they should start therapy. Read the full KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh article below.

#StauntonFarmFoundation is always looking for new and innovative ways of #WorkingForMentalWellness. Learn more and join us at #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
Staunton Farm Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation3 days ago
“How are you doing today?” It’s a common question that often leads to a response of “I’m fine”. But are you fine? It’s okay to not be fine and it’s even better to let your loved ones know. Speak up when you need help or just need someone to talk to.

Remember, if you feel like there’s nowhere else to turn, contact the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. #WorkingForMentalWellness #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
Staunton Farm Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation5 days ago
Voices With Impact is taking mental health to the silver screen! Every year, Art With Impact hosts a short-film festival full of inspiring and transformative films about our most important mental health conversations. This year’s festival will premiere on June 6 at the SF LGBT Center and will be streamed live June 6, June 13, and June 20. If you’re in the Vancouver area, the Canadian Premiere will be on June 27 at SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts.

Don’t miss out on these incredible films! Learn more at #WorkingForMentalWellness #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
Staunton Farm Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation7 days ago
We're so pleased to support United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania's important work to provide SEL training for summer camp staff across the region. Learn more below. #WorkingForMentalWellness