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Staunton Farm Foundation, through collaboration, innovation and advocacy, is investing in a future where behavioral health is understood, supported, and accepted. Since the Foundation’s establishment in 1937, we continue to advance this mission; join us to spread the word of good work in our community.

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  • Children, teachers, and staff spend a significant amount of time in their school buildings – 1,000 hours a year, actually. While school is a place of learning and growth, it can also be an opportunity to foster positive mental health habits....

  • Knowing that trauma creates a barrier to the development of Pittsburgh’s Black communities, Neighborhood Resilience Project believes Trauma Informed Community Development framework can establish and promote resilient, healing, and healthy communities so that people can be healthy enough to sustain opportunity and realize their potential.......

Staunton Farm Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation2 days ago
June is Pride Month!It's time to celebrate, raise awareness, and advocate for equality.

Did you know:
- LGBTQ+ individuals face high rates of psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, and suicide.
- 8% of LGBTQ+ people, and 27% of transgender individuals, report being denied needed healthcare.
- Stigma, lack of cultural sensitivity, and unconscious + conscious reluctance to address sexuality may hamper effectiveness of mental health care.

Join us in supporting LGBTQ+ communities now and every month. Learn more and get access to key resources below. #WorkingForMentalWellness #PrideMonth
Staunton Farm Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation5 days ago
#WorkingForMentalWellness takes hard work, kindness, and lots of time. Have patience with yourself when life isn’t going as planned. Keep on working on yourself, for yourself, and know that you are not alone! #StauntonFarmFoundation
Staunton Farm Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation1 week ago
Do you enjoy Broadway music? This Sunday, June 9, at 3pm the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland will be hosting the Marianne Cornetti and Friends Benefit Concert and Art Auction. Proceeds will benefit the Making Minds Matter Fund at UPMC Western Behavioral Health. Get your tickets at
Staunton Farm Foundation
Staunton Farm Foundation1 week ago
Let’s have a great week! Here are five mental health tips to help your week run smoothly. #WorkingforMentalWellness